At the request of the Municipality of Amsterdam, Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam started certifying specialised expat brokers a few years ago. The reason for this was the proliferation of small agencies dealing with housing, who more often than not engaged in dubious practices: rental contracts with legally prohibited provisions, taking out the rent and deposit at an ATM, key money at the start of contracts, contract costs, withholding deposits; all things that don’t fit with the way you would want expats to be introduced to Amsterdam.

MVA Certified Expat Broker is a partner of IN Amsterdam (formerly known as Expatcenter Amsterdam). MVA Certified Expat Broker is the only certified party when it comes to housing expats, and as a partnership, it has a market share of 90% in the Amsterdam area.

MVA Certified Expat Brokers are specialists in providing expatriates with the best possible service when looking for a home either to rent or buy in our historic city. The MVA or Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam (Amsterdam Real Estate Brokers Association) is the professional organisation for estate agents active in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

As Finsens Makelaardij, we already saw years ago that there was a new type of cliënt base coming to Amsterdam in the form of expats. Where others did not see the potential, we predicted this was an upcoming new type of market. Nowadays we specialize in selling and buying and renting out properties in Amsterdam. We are daily in contact with expats and see that there is so much we can help with.

The Amsterdam Real Estate Market is not an easy one, since there is so much to consider: taxes, foundations, pricing, area’s, negotiations, lease hold, home owners associations, monuments and protected city scape with restrictions.

However we work with real estate every day and are informed about the laws and restrictions and have a big network of fellow real estate agents in Amsterdam.




Goede kennis van de markt. Prima in de onderhandeling. Open een eerlijk. Wekt vertrouwen. Deze makelaar kan ik van harte aanbevelen.

29-05-2020 — Een funda gebruiker


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