You have a beautiful, comfortable house, however you are thinking about taking the next step and you want to sell your house or apartment to someone who will enjoy living in it as much as you did and who is willing to pay a good price.

For the very best outcome, you need a good broker. A broker who knows how the housing market in Amsterdam works, who can give you good advice, present your property well and negotiate on your behalf; a broker who will go the extra mile for you, who can seize and create opportunities in the current market and reach the intended goal.

The dedicated brokers at Finsens real estate agency can give you free tailored advice about selling your house, without obligation.



Goede kennis van de markt. Prima in de onderhandeling. Open een eerlijk. Wekt vertrouwen. Deze makelaar kan ik van harte aanbevelen.

29-05-2020 — Een funda gebruiker


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